The Seeds of Discord

Session 1

Humble Beginnings

Our heroes were journeying to the port town of Seabound on a ship owned by pirate-turned-merchant Saoirse Tierney. About two weeks into the journey, the trip turned a bit strange; Celbi, a gnome from the west, was given a note by a bird with a scarred eye; it instructed her to tell the captain she has a nice coat. No sooner had she passed it on than a group of kuo-toa jumped on board, attacking the crew and attempting to sink the ship from down in the hold. Ultimately the kuo-toa were fended off, and the damage to the ship was minimal enough to complete the trip and repair it at Seabound.

Barney, a halfling monk from the monastery above Cape City, at this point delivered a note that was, among other parcels and letters, given him to deliver by various clients. This one was addressed to Saoirse, and she did not share its contents.

Two other passengers from the ship, a human rogue named Ecafon and a dwarven druid introduced by the shockingly original name Dwarfeus, had a run-in with a small-time gang who apparently had some kind of beef with Ecafon; he scared them off with little difficulty.

The next morning, three gnolls wandered into town and began wreaking havoc. The party dispatched them and, having gotten some level of guidance from the letter Barney delivered, Saoirse found out where gnolls came from (since they were not local and rarely appeared near the town) and the party began journeying in that direction.

On the journey, Barney fell asleep during his shift as they camped in the forest, and the party woke up to find their belongings were stolen. A bit of detective work led them to a group of goblins celebrating their heist; their celebrations were cut violently short.

After overcoming some difficult terrain, the party came to the general area they were aiming for, and Ecafon used a spell to speak with a local squirrel to find out if anything out of the ordinary had been happening. The surprisingly refined squirrel led them to a large encampment set up at the mouth of a large cave, and explained that its inhabitants had been disrupting the forest life for a while now. And so the party lingered on the outskirts of this encampment as they deliberated on the best course of action.



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