Saoirse Tierney

The ex-pirate captain


Name: Captain Saoirse Tierney (pron. SEER-sha TEER-nee)
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5’ 4”
Build: Trim, muscular
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Complexion: Pale
Jewelry: Wears nothing but an exquisitely carved shell pendant around her neck.

Class: Fighter
Background: Sailor


Likes: The sound of the ocean on a calm night, the feel of a warm coat and a cold nose, lemon drops
Dislikes: The feel of dry skin, new boots, vegetables, traitors

For those in the right circles, Saoirse is well-known as the captain of the Highwind Freelancers. She has grown a name for herself as the lady of the seas, the darling of the ports, and has a reputation for having many admirers and lovers.

The Highwind Freelancers are one of the most successful freelance companies available. They have a reputation for the ability to protect any ship, charter any noble, smuggle any goods, track down any pirate. They also have a bit of a reputation for dealing in corporate piracy. Saoirse was a powerful adversary that few could best in combat.

A year ago, the Highwind Freelancers ceased taking mercenary positions, favouring instead cargo or minor personnel transport. A year ago, Captain Tierney all but disappeared from public eye. Those who have caught sight of her may note she seems a mere vestige of the powerful warrior so well-known in the ports.

Saoirse Tierney

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