Ecafon Westerley

synonyms: rogue, rascal, miscreant, good-for-nothing, reprobate; cheat, swindler, scam artist, fraudster, trickster, charlatan


Ecafon, a master of disguise, has many interesting and unique faces, but his true face, known only to those who’ve seen through his deceit, is nothing quite so interesting.

Ecafon (EK-uh-fawn) is a light skinned Human in his early thirties, who stands at roughly 5 feet 11 inches, and is of a slim build. His face is slightly gaunt, with sunken cheeks, but otherwise average, with round, deep set blue eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips. His dark hair is kept short, ranging from close cut, to slightly grown and messy.

Anyone who might be keen to watch him change while he wasn’t looking (Captain.) would see that he bears burn scars over his right shoulder blade, most of the image is covered, but a sun, moon, and strange text are still visible on the edges.



In some major cities, thievery and deceit is more than a desperate means to get by, to many, it is an art, entire family fortunes and traditions built upon it. Families of Rogues; Assassins, Thieves, Seducers, Manipulators, all sorts who’ve dedicated their lives to the shadows. In the city of Stone Port, a boy was born into one such family.

The young boy was born into the Westerley rogue family. The son of notable thief Vasco Westerley and renowned assassin Helewidis Westerley (nee McGill), he was seen by many in the family’s close social circles to be destined for a highly successful career in the criminal underworld.

When he reached 11, he took part in a longstanding coming-of-age tradition amongst rogue families in the area, to find an organization, most commonly a guild, for which to sign on and work up in, both to hone skills and gain contacts, at the same time showing self sufficiency.

After several weeks he had finally chosen his place within a largely obscure, but locally prominent religious group based out of an old cathedral that had sunk underground long ago and been built over. This group had been making several ambitious moves and was slowly becoming a major player despite its lack of notoriety. The decision overall, was highly confusing to many that had known the boy. Given his parents standing, he could have joined nearly any of the most prolific groups in the entire region. Nevertheless, his family had supported his decision.

From that point, nobody had seen the boy save for his family in highly secretive personal visits the boy had taken without the groups knowing.

Nearly 17 years later, the Westerley family vanished, and a rogue scoundrel named Ecafon fled the Sunken Church, spreading many whispers of the cults dark intent. The cult, who expended many resources in pursuing him, put out hefty rewards for his capture.

For the next several years, Ecafon, who had no purpose in his newfound life as a wanderer, found himself taking joy in the instant gratification of trickery, earning quite a reputation in some circles across the land.

To some, his name is one to speak stories of, often humorous tales of a man using his wits to trick his way across the world. To others, he’s bad news, one to steer clear of lest you risk the wellbeing of your livelihood or community. Though, In many circles, the name is a pile of money waiting to be cashed in, to those who see the name as a target of revenge.

In recent time, Ecafon has met a kindred spirit in his travels, a lone dwarf with a past as mysterious as his own. Together they have boarded a ship helmed by the famous Captain Tierney to cross the Circle Sea. It is not long before they are roped into a new adventure with their fellow shipmates, perhaps the two will find what they’re looking for in this new quest.

Legends surrounding his name (may or may not be true)

  • Stole a band of pirates fortune and hid it somewhere else
  • Survivor of “the 23 day tavern brawl” which sources say he started
  • Used stolen money to purchase 94 chickens who are still unaccounted for
  • Only known person to have met The Wandering Death and live
  • Has been banned from a small section of the south for repeatedly sneaking a horse into the local ruling noble’s room, said noble is notable for having a fear of horses

Additional Information

Likes: Unusual People, New Sights, Trickery, Hooliganism, Interesting Stories
Dislikes: Killing, Authority, Accepting Responsibility, Fortune Tellers

Favorite Place: A hidden alcove in the rocks of his home city’s stone coast

Favorite Sound: Ticking Clocks

Hobbies: Keeps a Personal Diary, and a Dream Journal

Biggest Fear: Death

Ecafon Westerley

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